New ARRL podcast for beginners: So Now What?

Michael Callaham

The new ARRL podcast, So Now What?, is targeted at beginners--say,
those who have passed the Technician Class exam, and are wondering what
to do next. It debuted today. ARRL members and non-members alike may
visit <> and subscribe to the podcast or
scroll down to the archive section and download .mp3 files of previous
podcasts, which is what I did this evening. The introductory podcast is
already available as an archive file for download. It is just over 10
minutes long. The podcast is produced biweekly, alternating with the
"The Doctor Is In" podcast.

Please download or subscribe and listen to it. Do you like it?

I had hoped that this might be something that the W4WVP news hosts
(KK4EBG, W2JWP, KD9XB, and sometimes others) could air, just as they
have aired ARRL Audio News, but I think the licensing is more
restrictive than for ARRL Audio News. The introductory podcast includes
a commercial from LDG, a maker of antenna tuners, and suggests that
future podcasts will also be sponsored by LDG. Airing such commercial
content over the air on Amateur Radio is prohibited by "Part 97,"
that is, Title 47, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 97. There is a
sentence at the end of the introductory podcast prohibiting
unauthorized reproduction etc. I do not yet see a means of requesting
authorization to air the podcast, less the ad. Perhaps that will not be

In any case, the podcast is available for download or subscription by
new hams or aspiring-to-be hams or old-timers. I recommend it. You maylike it.

73 (Best Regards),
--Mike NW3V

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