Re: ARISS APRS operating again

Paul Wilson KI4PW

Thanks, Mike. I use and get alerts on my phone and via email regarding upcoming ISS passes.

A couple of other items if using an HT: note the azimuth indications for the pass and make sure your body is not shielding the radio. Last night's pass had a zenith of 58 degrees above the horizon, so if you're pointed the wrong way your body may block the signals. Also, holding the antenna in a horizontal position helps. I prefer the Yaesu FT60 with its manual squelch knob, rather than the Baofeng, which buries the squelch setting in a menu. Generally you want the squelch wide open. You'll hear the data packets interrupting the noise. If you want to know what APRS sounds like, tune your HT to 144.390 and you can hear terrestrial APRS digipeaters.

I'll keep a lookout for the next pass and give it a try.

Paul / KI4PW

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