Re: Federal Regulations link to most current and updated Regs. Published in the Federal Register. Part 97 complete with changes. This was copied from Ian at the Alexandria Club Website.I am posting the link. It's content is current as of February.

Paul Wilson KI4PW

Hello Al,

This appears to be a link to 47 CFR Part 97 in its entirety. I see no notations about any changes, and I'm not aware of any significant changes to Part 97 that have made their way through the rule-making process recently.

Parties regularly offer petitions to the FCC re: Part 97, but very few are taken up by the Commission. ARRL is usually the best source--most of us don't have time to wade into the arcana the Federal Register.

You can track FCC actions in the Federal Register here:

If you search under Part 97, the latest Commission action of any significance re: the Amateur Radio Service covers operations on the 2200m and 630m bands. It dates from 2017.

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