Whip out those whips and eggbeaters...

Michael Callaham

...antennas, that is--to listen for Amateur Radio aboard International
Space Station (ARISS) Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS)
transmitted signals on 145.825 MHz FM. My GNOME Predict software
predicts a low pass starting 19:24:00 UTC (3:24 pm EDT) and lasting 8
minutes and 36 seconds, then a higher pass, reaching 71 degrees
elevation, starting 20:59:01 UTC (4:59:01 pm EDT), rising at an azimuth
of 235.02 degrees and setting at an azimuth of 50.27 degrees at 21:09:43
UTC (5:09:43 pm EDT).

You may view recent ARISS APRS signals that have been received on Earth
and gatewayed to the Internet at <http://ariss.net>.

Then set your alarm device to tune into the 145.47 MHz repeater at 7 pm
to hear Amateur Radio Newsline, and, when it ends, to check into the
Arlington County Net.

Science matters. Matter matters.
Energy matters, including dark energy.

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