AARC May Meeting program

Michael Callaham

The next regular meeting will be May 21 at the St. Thomas More
Cathedral School starting at 7 pm. Don Lewis, KI4D, Vice President of
the Alexandria Radio Club and planner for the W4HFH Field Day
operation, in which Arlington Amateur Radio Club members will
participate, will describe plans for the W4HFH Field Day operation,
including a new and timely emphasis on digital operations. Don will
also describe the need to sign up for operating time, and he'll mention
the importance (especially for new hams) of participating in the set-
up, before operation begins at 2 pm ET Saturday, June 22. (Field Day is
always the fourth full weekend in June.) 

Thanks to AARC Activities Chairman Gary Sessums, KC5QCN, for arranging
this presentation.

The AARC home page <http://www.w4wvp.org> has been updated with this

Ramp access for mobility devices will be available.

--Mike, NW3V, President, AARC
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