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Don KI4D - FD Chairman / Alexandria Club Sent Plans for F.D. training sessions on ALL Modes being used. ie. that includes Digital. His text is as follows! Note Locations and times of practice and class. Computer logging will be used.

Don's email is: don.ki4d@...

One new area for emphasis this year will be digital mode operations, meaning computer generated digital communications. If we have a sufficient number of skilled operators for digital modes, digital mode stations will be added
to our Field Day line-up for the first time. As you know the ARRL awards 2
points for each digital mode contact during Field Day, something we have not taken full advantage of in the past. During this period of relatively poor HF propagation, digital modes offer the best promise for contacts because they are far less affected by noise levels. Taking advantage of this with a strong digital modes capability could improve our Field Day performance.
For improved performances on Field Day and for potential benefits to emergency services, amateur radio clubs across the U.S. are increasingly using digital modes during Field Day.

To offer an opportunity for club members to demonstrate proficiency in digital mode operations, I am proposing that we set up 3 Field Day digital stations as follows: (1). VHF/UHF/Satellite - SSB/FM/Dig; (2). 80/40 - Dig; and (3). 10/15/20 - Dig. To support such a capability, first and foremost, we need more operators with experience using digital modes.

To strengthen club digital modes capabilities, I am proposing we conduct digital modes practice operating sessions during April and May. Weather permitting, plans are to conduct these sessions on Sunday mornings from April 17th thru May 5th from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at Jefferson Manor Park, 2909 Farmington Drive Alexandria, VA. More sessions will be added if needed. These sessions will involve use of FLDigi and WSJT-X software, see attached file FLDigi with PSK31 for Field Day. Those with proficiency in digital modes are highly encouraged to attend as mentors and operators; however, this effort is mainly aimed at relatively new hams who may not have HF privileges or the equipment, but want to get involved in Field Day HF operations. Those attending the sessions do not need to bring their own ham gear, but they do need to bring chairs and writing materials. Those with FCC Technician Licenses are welcome because a control operator with all privileges will be present at all sessions. Please send me an email letting me know if you are interested in "digital crew" participation by March 30th.
This will help me gauge the size of the effort, and how to organize and
supply the ham radio gear needed for practice sessions.

Another new area of emphasis this year will be increasing opportunities for "hands-on" operating time for all participants. The goal is not only to draw maximum attendance and interest, but to keep those in attendance busy around the clock. This will be achieved by conducting a sign-up for operators. In addition to ARC members, Arlington Radio Club members will join us again this year for Field Day. Just recently I was told by a member of the Arlington club that they look forward to being scheduled for operator duties, even after midnight.

To make Field Day 2019 successful with these new efforts, strong volunteer support from club members is essential. Your help and ideas are needed in many areas from planning to execution of the event. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and support.

Don, KI4D

2019 Field Day Coordinator, Alexandria Radio Club


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