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Paul Wilson KI4PW

It seems the ISS digipeater has not been heard from for quite some time.

Good news is there are plenty of other satellites you can work, and have actual QSOs.

A resource I use is for tracking purposes.

SO-50 (aka Saudisat 1C) is a popular one.

73, KI4PW / Paul

On Apr 3, 2018, at 2:13 PM, Michael Callaham <vze32sw5@...> wrote:

...antennas, that is--to listen for Amateur Radio aboard International
Space Station (ARISS) Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS)
transmitted signals on 145.825 MHz FM. My GNOME Predict software
predicts a low pass starting 19:24:00 UTC (3:24 pm EDT) and lasting 8
minutes and 36 seconds, then a higher pass, reaching 71 degrees
elevation, starting 20:59:01 UTC (4:59:01 pm EDT), rising at an azimuth
of 235.02 degrees and setting at an azimuth of 50.27 degrees at 21:09:43
UTC (5:09:43 pm EDT).

You may view recent ARISS APRS signals that have been received on Earth
and gatewayed to the Internet at <>.

Then set your alarm device to tune into the 145.47 MHz repeater at 7 pm
to hear Amateur Radio Newsline, and, when it ends, to check into the
Arlington County Net.

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