Re: Would you like to be Net Control Station of the Arlington County Net?

Rande Young

Roger that Mike!

On Monday, April 29, 2019, 4:30:03 PM EDT, Michael Callaham via Groups.Io <> wrote:


Thanks for volunteering! April 30 is tomorrow. Probably we should
discuss the Net Control Station job and technical requirements at a
brunch. I'll plan on being NCS tomorrow, because no one else has
volunteered. Future fifth Tuesdays this year will be: July 30, October
29, and December 31 (yes, New Year's Eve, and also Straight Key Night).
Which of those dates would you like to be NCS? You may reply to me off-
list at <nw3v@...>.

--Mike nw3v, Net Co-Manager
Science matters. Matter matters.
Energy matters, including dark energy.

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