W4HFH Field Day plan and operator sign-up instructions from KI4D

Michael Callaham

Don KI4D, Field Day planner for the Alexandria Radio Club Field Day station W4HFH, emailed the following text this morning to
Alexandria Radio Club members and myself. I have obtained Don's permission to publish it here:

At the Club monthly meeting last Friday night I briefed preparations for Field Day 2019, see links below. The Field Day 2019 Planning Group has put together plans for a strong Field Day weekend.  However, to complete this effort we need everyone to turnout in order to demonstrate our full strength and capabilities to the public.  This is also important because we are taking 65th Anniversary group photos, including families.  We don’t want to miss anyone in the photos.  And the food will have an excellent VIP treatment.  As you may know, in addition to our traditional Field Day activities, we have put a lot of emphasis on celebrating our 65th Anniversary, including designing a Club shirt highlighting the 65th Anniversary.  Also, a major effort has been made to invite public officials and the public using the media.  The “kick-off” of the Anniversary celebration will feature a cake cutting ceremony and the reading of a proclamation in honor of the Alexandria Radio Club given by the City of Alexandria.  The  Field Day operation will be designated as class 7A. The station setup will consist of  CW, digital, and phone HF stations, as well as VHF/UHF and GOTA (Get on the Air) stations.  The GOTA station is specifically designed to educate the public and allow  visitors to try their hand at operating a station.   Digital mode operations, meaning computer-to- computer communications via radio is a new area for Club endeavor this year.  As you may know the ARRL awards 2 points for each digital mode contact during Field Day, so we will be able to take advantage of the 2-points per contact rule this year.  During this period of relatively poor HF propagation, digital modes offer the best promise for contacts because they are far less affected by noise levels.  Taking advantage of this with a strong digital modes capability could improve our Field Day performance.  For improved performances on Field Day and for potential benefits to public emergency services, amateur radio clubs across the U.S. are increasingly using digital modes during Field Day.  To prepare for club digital modes operations we conducted digital modes practice operating sessions during April, May and early June. The other area of  emphasis this year is increasing opportunities for “hands-on” operating time for all participants.  In addition to ARC members, we look forward to Arlington Radio Club members joining us again this year for Field Day.  Alexandria CERT will also be joining us on Field Day.  The goal is not only to draw maximum attendance and interest, but to keep those in attendance busy around the clock.  We hope to achieve this in part by conducting a sign-up for operators. Needless to say, your kind cooperation is essential to make the operator sign-up system work.  Operator sign-up Instructions and rules are as follows: 
- Operating slots will be 1 hour.
- Operators should only select up to two (2) contiguous slots on the same band/mode.
- Operators should only select up to eight (8) slots per day, prior to The Event, providing Rule #2 is observed.
- At the end of your assigned operating slot, please relinquish it to the next operator; if that operator does not show up, you may continue to operate.
- If during your operating slot, you decide you want to quit, please try to find another operator to fill in the rest of the slot.
- The online schedule will be closed Friday, June 21, 2019 at 6:00 pm EDT.
- The online schedule will be printed out and brought to the Field Day site on Saturday, June 22.  Operators may choose any open slots by manually writing their call in that slot.
- Any scheduling issues/questions will be settled by KI4D, the Field Day Chairman.
- Remember, if it is not your turn, there may be an open slot available elsewhere. We urge you to fill those in if you would still like to be active.  There will likely be fewer open operating slots during the day and more at night. The goal also is to keep ALL stations operating continuously throughout the 24 hour period.
 Finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank those Club members who came out to contribute to the planning success for Field Day 2019.  They are: Mark Bonanno (KM4GML), William Wilson (KM4KLK), Scott Granado (KM4RDR), Bjorn Jernudd (KC3AOO), Jay Orbin (KV3W), Erik Misavage (KI4BXU), Nick Clevenger (KK4ODQ), Jack Hranicky (K5OTZ), Ian Keith (N8IK), Roy Wright (K4AXQ), Ed Bradshaw (W4EDS), Ted Einersen (W9TCE), Carol Myers (KN4LLL), and Rick & Karen Bunn (N4ASX). Thanks in advance for your cooperation and support. Don Lewis, KI4D2019 Field Day Coordinator, Alexandria Radio Club LINKS:To view the Field Day planning briefing click on this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hydOfyao8HAGt-VewAxwhjZTL0oevrJI/view?usp=sharingTo sign up as an operator click on this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1za48Nxi6i9TminmiEOf-6xUfzvXdh9xy/view?usp=sharing ::::--Mike, nw3v

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