Re: ARISS SSTV transmissions ongoing through 18:15 UTC August 4

Zane Phipps

Thanks for the great heads-up, Mike.
If I can make one of the next few passes, I plan on using the "air gap" method that Gary KC5QCN demonstrated a few meetings back.
Zane - KN4MIB

On Saturday, August 3, 2019, 12:49:35 PM EDT, Michael Callaham via Groups.Io <> wrote:

As a memorial event to honor Astronaut Owen Garriott W5LFL (now Silent Key), ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) is transmitting memorial slow-scan television (SSTV) images on 145.8 MHz FM through 18:15 UTC August 4. This will include several passes over Arlington. Kim KD9XB and I have decoded several images. Two of mine are at

There will be several more passes of the ISS over Arlington. If you want to receive the signal, all you need is a 2-m FM receiver or transceiver (an HT will do) and an antenna, preferably with a clear view of most of the sky. To decode and display the images, you may use free software such as MMSSTV (for Windows), qsstv (for Linux), or...there's an app for Android (ask Paul KI4PW).
More information about the event is at

You may view a gallery of high-quality images received by hams and shortwave listeners (SWLs) around the world at

There will be a pass over Arlington (NW3V) today starting 18:53:49 UTC (about 2:53 pm EDT), rising at azimuth 221 degrees, reaching a maximum elevation of 56 degrees at azimuth 136 degrees, and setting at azimuth 56 degrees at 19:04:04 UTC (about 3:04 pm EDT).

There will be six additional passes before the scheduled shutdown time for this event, but the 2:53 pm EDT pass will be the longest and highest.
73,--Mike NW3V

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