Marine Corps Marathon to Use W4WVP Repeaters

Michael Callaham

Marine Corps Marathon to Use W4WVP Repeaters
The W4WVP 2-meter and 70-centimeter repeaters may be used for communications support of the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday, October 27, 2019, from 4 am until 5 pm ET, as needed by the Amateur Radio Support leadership team. If intending to use one of the W4WVP repeaters, please listen first, to discern whether the the repeater is in use. If it is, please wait. If the repeater is in use by a controlled net, such as one of several Marine Corps Marathon nets, please listen for the net control station and wait for an opportunity to call. Many thanks in advance.
This notice has been posted on the home page. Please check it for updates.
--Mike NW3V, W4WVP Trustee

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