Swanson MS students will be on 145.47 7-8 pm tonight

Michael Callaham

Swanson Middle School students will be on the W4WVP 145.47 MHz repeater
tonight 7-8 pm tonight, supervised by Fio K4FIO and myself (NW3V), using
callsigns K4FIO, NW3V, and maybe W4WVP. The stuends will be on the
repeater part of the time, alternating with on-site simplex
communications and face-to-face communications. When you do hear them
they will want to talk to a real ham radio operator about ham radio or
maybe other Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math topics. So pleas
monitor 5.47 7-8pm tonight if you want to chat with then.

--Mike nw3v
Science matters. Matter matters.
Energy matters, including dark energy.

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