New poll for Field Day plans--please respond promptly

Michael Callaham

N4ASX of the Alexandria Radio Club has requested an updated estimate of
AARC-related people (members, PUBLIC list members, net check-ins) and
guests who plant to attend the Alexandria Radio Club Field Day and eat
while there. Regardless of whether you responded to the previous poll,
please respond to this poll by replying or by emailing nw3v =at= . I have already posed this question on the ArlingtonARC Yahoo
group and will pose it on the Arlington County Net on Tuesday night. If
you plan to attend, please respond, but you need not respond more than
once. My plan is to accumulate responses received before the net and on
the net and provide N4ASX a total by midnight Tuesday.

Thank you and 73,
--Mike NW3V
Science matters. Matter matters.
Energy matters, including dark energy.

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