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I voted yes to Atlantis and replied on the yahoo website and gave my reasons there. Good food, good parking and side-room space at center tables. Good parking too. But as far as I know you can't reserve the tables. Alex. Club dribbles in about 5:30 or 6PM on their meeting nights. I would guess be there about 6pm? If we go there I will show at about 5:30Pm. They will give separate checks...AND parking is not a problem.
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The AARC December meeting, a dinner party, will be tomorrow, December
18 -- but where? As decided at the November meeting, the default will be the Saint Thomas More Cathedral School Cafeteria, and the default format will be pot-look. But, as noted on our home page <http://www.w4w> , the final decision was left open to debate. Today there have
(finally) been some alternative suggestions on the members-only ArlingtonARC Yahoo! group, namely a suggestion, with one concurring comment so far, that we party at Atlantis Restaurant in Bradlee Shopping Center, 3648 King Street (Route 7). I have heard one additional member say he plans to endorse Atlantis.

What do you think? If you are not an AARC member or not into the Yahoo!
scene, Activities Chair Gary KC5QCN and I would like to hear from you.
You may respond to this AARC-PUBLIC list. Would you like to try Atlantis this year? Would you prefer the STM School Cafeteria potluck?
Would you like everyone to consider some other venue? If it matters to you, let us know.

This is not a vote, but I'd like to get a sense of preferences tonight, so that tomorrow morning I can let the Saint Thomas More Cathedral School Principal know that we will mot need the Cafeteria, if that seems to be the prevailing opinion.

Also, it has been suggested that if we do dine at Atlantis, we should arrive about 6 pm, well before 7 pm, when the family throngs arrive.

I hope to update our home page later to day with a message such as this one (but shorter), and again tomorrow with the final decision.

--Mike NW3V, President, Arlington Amateur Radio Club.

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