Re: Amateur Radio Newsline as text after the net

John Person


Thanks for doping this.

Can I leave my radio on FM or do I have to move to another mode.

Jack Person

On Mon, Jan 7, 2019 at 8:58 PM kd9xb <kimelli@...> wrote:

Tuesday evening at 7 pm, I will transmitting the Amateur Radio Newsline
audio on the 145.47 repeater, with the Arlington ARC Net following.

After the net, I will transmit Amateur Radio Newline as *text* in the
PSK250RC6 mode. At 1320 wpm, the entire Newsline will be transmitted in
less than the 2:15 time-out of the repeater.

If you want to decode the text, use Fldigi for PCs (Windows, Mac, Linux)
or TIVAR or AndFlmsg for Android devices.

The free software/apps can be downloaded form ...


(TIVAR is in a folder under AndFlmsg. TIVAR is receive/decode only,
thus simpler.)

Use a patch cord to get audio from your transceiver to your PC or
Android. Or an interface such a SignaLink. Or simply place the mic of the
Android or computer near your radio's speaker (acoustic coupling).

In Fldigi, turn on RxID, and it will detect the mode and center audio
frenquency (~1500 Hz).



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