Station NSS (Annapolis) returns the air 12 May

Paul Wilson KI4PW

For the Zulu time aficionados, that's 1300 UTC 2018-05-12 through 0200 UTC 2018-05-13. (For Eastern time adherents: 9 am -10 pm.)

For the Military/Amateur Radio Armed Forces Day cross-band test, station NSS (Annapolis) will return to the air. They will transmit outside the ham bands, but listen on the ham bands to allow for cross-band QSOs with amateur operators. QSL certificates will be available. See the ARRL announcement above for detailed frequency information.

NSS was active up until the 1970s, and used for naval communication in the VLF and HF spectrum. Most of the towers were demolished in 1999.

NSS used a large antenna array on Greenbury Point opposite the harbor at Annapolis, and members of the Potomac Valley Amateur Radio Club and US Naval Academy Amateur Radio Club will set up there to conduct the cross-band test. Three of the towers remain and serve as a distinctive landmark for mariners entering the Severn River.