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File: Baofeng_UV-5R_20190609_CORRECTED.img

Uploaded By: DrZ1953

This is a CORRECTED file, Channel 5 Simplex needed changing. Simplex is normally done on output of repeater - NOT INPUT-. Repeater would be DOWN. All channels in this image now look good. S or Simplex is simplex and U indicates UHF. 145.47 rptr Arlington is your channel #2.

You can access this file at the URL:

The Team

Paul Wilson KI4PW

Well, now I need my own correction. Ch 5 is a pre-programmed "reverse" that lets me listen on the repeater's input. Like everything else on the Baofeng, "reverse" is menu-driven. No handy-dandy button as on the Yaesu.

In any event, people are free to use the CHIRP files in any way they see fit. I have only programmed the radio for repeaters I can access with a handheld from my home. I didn't put in any of the DC repeaters (must of which appear to have near zero activity as far as I can tell.) Your Mileage May Vary.