November meeting will be at Knights of Columbus

Michael Callaham

The November 19 meeting of the Arlington Amateur Radio Club will be at the Knights of Columbus Chapter House, 5115 Little Falls Road, in Arlington. The meeting will be in the second-floor conference room, where we have set up the W4WVP Field Day station in some recent years.

There will be no presentation, because the meeting will be devoted to important business, including introduction of a proposed amendment to our Constitution and By-Laws, nomination and election of club officers, and discussion of impending changes to Yahoo Groups, including the ArlingtonARC Yahoo Group. Hence the November meeting may be less interesting to visitors than most meetings are, but visitors interested in ham radio are always welcome.
We will have a long time to conduct business, because we need not vacate the premises until closing time, about 11 or 11:30 pm. Another advantage of KoC is that one may arrive as early as 5:30 pm and enjoy food and beverages in the ground-floor bar and grill or bring them upstairs for the 7 pm meeting. Tuesday nights are half-price burger nights, so a Big Burger and Fries order is only $6.00.
Other illustrative menu items and prices (provided by Al K4ZB):
$1.00 Onion rings (extra for burger order)
$1.00 Sodas
$2.75 Regular Beers (e.g, Bud, Bud Light)$3.00 Premium Beer$4.00 IPA
$5.75 Guiness / Stout
Al says there is plenty of parking. He prefers to park at the swimming pools, in the extended lot behind the Chapter House, next to the tennis court and picnic facilities.
Furthermore, Al says we may meet in the second-floor conference room every third Tuesday.
I thank Al, a Knight of considerable rank (ask him for details), for arranging this, at no cost to the Arlington Amateur Club, pusuant to a resolution at the October meeting this week.
--Mike NW3V, President, Arlington Amateur Radio Club