Arlington County Net 2020-03-03-17 stats

Michael Callaham

Seventeen stations checked into the 2020-03-17 session of the Arlington County Net on the W4WVP 2-meter repeater. This is the high-water mark for 2020 to date. The last time there were 17 or more check-ins was 2014, when there were 17 check-ins on four dates, most recently 2014-07-08, and 18 check-ins on 2014-01-21.
Stations checking in tonight, 2020-03-17, were:
KN4JVX, Rande, who was Net Control Station;
KK4EBG, John, who aired Amateur Radio Newsline report 2211 at 7 pm;
NW3V, Mike;
KJ4CLK, Cynthia;
KJ4EMI, Dave;
KG6NYS, Kelly;
KN4SFS, Kyle;
K4ZXB, Peter;
K4FIO, Fio;
K4KZR, Ken;
KN4QHL, Catherine;
KN4MIB, Zane;
KN4SYO, Jerry;
KD9XB, Kim;
KC5QCN, Gary;
KN4TSA, Sam; and
KO4CPT; Wayne.

73,--Mike NW3V