Arlington County Net 2020-03-03-31 stats

Michael Callaham

Twenty stations checked into the 2020-03-31 session of the Arlington County Net on the W4WVP 2-meter repeater. The last time there were 20 (or more) check-ins was 2011-03-01.
At 7:00 pm KD9XB,Kim, aired Amateur Radio Newsline report 2213. It ended at 7:20 pm.

At 7:21 pm Net Control Station KN4JVX, Rande, read the net preamble and called for check-ins.
NW3V, Mike, volunteered to be backup net control station.
KC7TNU/M, Gary, checked in "mobile portable."
K4KZR, Ken, checked in from Shirlington as a mobile pedestrian.

KO4CVI, Craig, checked in using a handleld.
KI4BXU, Erik, gave NCS a signal report.
KB3TGP, James, said this is his first time on the net.
W2JWP, Jack, said he'll air Amateur Radio Newsline next week, the first Tuesday in April.
KI4PW, Paul, thanked Rande for running the net.
KJ4CLK, Cynthia, said she was short-time, no comments.
KE4WGI, Brian, checked in from Arlington Heights, no comments.
K4FIO, Fio, in Arlington Forest, said he was looking forward to the Dayton QSO Party.
KN4MIB, Zane, in Bailets Crossroads, said the net is a respite from telework.
Kim said this would be a good time for hams to learn to use digital modes. He recommended using FLDIGI software, which can be used to decode his Shortwave Radiogram digital broadcasts as well as for the New York NBEMS (Narrow-Band Emergency Messaging System) and Pennsylvania NBEMS. The
Shortwave Radiogram website is
(and it's on the Resources page).
KC5QCN, Gary, had no comments but answered questions about virtual meetings. He said we're having one, and could arrange to share slides by Internet if needed.

KN4SYO, Jerry, said he discovered the CQ WPX contest last weekend and worked his first Russian station.

KK4EBG, John, thanked Kim and Rande and asked all to [stay out of trouble].

K4ZB, Al, had five days of quarantine left.

KJ4EMI/M, was mobile when he checked i.

KN4YPD, Zhe, was using a handheld near Courthouse.

73,--Mike NW3V