Updated FCC account management procedures

Paul Wilson KI4PW

As mentioned at the November meeting by Al, K4ZB, and in the Nov 9 edition of Amateur Radio Newsline, FCC is updating its login and account management procedures. Beginning on 1 March of next year, FRNs (Federal Registration Numbers) must be associated with a CORES account. To put it in plain English, you will need a CORES account to manage your license renewals, change of address, application for a vanity call, etc. I created my CORES account last night. It was easy and painless.

From the broadcast:


STEPHEN/ANCHOR: The FCC is retiring its present version of the Commission Registration System, also known as CORES. As of March 1 of next year, anyone applying for an FCC Federal Registration Number, or FRN, must first create a username and password on the system before they can receive the FRN itself. That's already the case - but on the new CORES website anyone who already has an FRN from the old Commission Registration System will need to create a user name to continue managing it under the new system. You can find the website using the URL included the text version of this report.
This is especially important for Volunteer Examiners while administering amateur radio license exams. FRNs are used in place of Social Security numbers. Hams who do not have Social Security Numbers must instead use their Taxpayer Identification Number to get an FRN. An FRN is required for everyone using this system.
All hams who are already licensed and wishing to conduct business with the FCC, such as renewing their license or changing their address, also need to be registered properly through the new Commission Registration System so they have access to the online Universal Licensing System. It should also be noted that individuals with a new FRN will be able to log into the FCCís Universal Licensing System and set their preferences from receiving electronic copies of your documents to getting them on paper by postal mail, if desired.
Again, look at the printed version of this report at arnewsline dot org and you'll find the link to the CORES website.